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I belive that parents play a massive roll in education. Most parents like to put all the work onto the teachers and then when their child fails the blame it on the teacher. Parents need to get on their kids and check and see if they have homework because not every kid does their homework. They also need to help the kid or find additional help if their child is not understanding what is being taught in class. They could even have the child go to school early to speak to the teacher about the thing they are not fully understanding. The thing im trying to get across is that parents AND teachers are important to kids education and the parents should not put all the responsibility onto the teachers but they need to help. Also, instead of going to ask the teacher why your child is failing ask the child. and to the kids: Dont lie to your parents about not having homework because it is just not worth it. Just do the homework that is assigned to you and take it upon yourself to tell your parents when you get a failing grade on a test or did not do your homework. Do not have your parents call to find out.



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