Think it. love it.
I don't necessarily need all of my senses, I mean sure they would be nice to have but if people in the world that don't have it can do without them i mean why would I need them. I do lots of things with my senses but if i had to give one up it would be my sight. I could always get a guide dog that would help me and i would be able to here things and touch things and taste things. I would not give up my taste because i love the taste of food. I would not give away my touch because what if something looks smooth but its really not? I wouldn't give away my sense of smell either because what if i was in a burning house I couldn't see the flames because they weren't near me? Meanwhile if I didn't have my ability to see than it wouldnt really matter! I would make sure I have a trained guide dog to get me out of bad situations and then i would be able to smell a fire and taste good food! 

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