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Our school lunches don't even taste good or look appealing. I don't really like eating it. When I do eat it i barely get any food. I mean its barely even enough to get us through the day without complaining that we are hungry. I'm pretty sure that the food we get isn't suppose to look like it does. Someone needs to do something about because im pretty good that this food that we are eating is not good for us.
  Schools are always talking aboout stoping obiesity but they never really thought about the school being  problem. All the fat that we are eating in the food. I dont even get it, how can something look absoulutly disgusting and have alot of fat. That just dosent make sense to me. If they are going to make the food so digusting atleast make sure that it taste good and that it dosent look like something you can find in the trash can!


05/08/2013 9:37pm

Okay, you are overreacting! The lunches are not that terrible. However, I do see where you're coming from, they aren't amazing. They hardly fill up anyone and sometimes they do look...a little strange. I can eat them though; they're good enough.

05/09/2013 12:14pm

Yeah you are right. I can eat it. But still I really don't like it!


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