Think it. love it.
When your podcasting try not to be boring about it. Make it interesting. You are trying to make people read everything you are podcasting about. You don't want them to listen to half of your podcast and never listen to any of your future ones. Make it informative at the same time. Don't just make it all about having fun. The best thing you can do is make it so that everyone can understand it. There will be lots of people listening to your podcast. Also try to add picture to your podcast. The last do i have is to express your full opinion just don't make it so that it will hurt someone.


03/26/2013 11:08am

These are great tips Jakari! Anyone who follow these will definitely be successful. Your video was really great too.

04/11/2013 7:48pm

Thanks Claire

03/28/2013 11:14pm

Awesome, I love it! You explained it very well, and you also added a video which will help others succeed! I have been trying to figure out a way to explain how to podcast, and I have done mine. But I definitley think yours is of great help. I agree with you because I actually do think that podcasts should be done that way!

04/11/2013 7:49pm

Thanks Janette I really worked hard on this


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