Think it. love it.
Everyone has their own meaning of life because everyone has a different life. For me life is to treat everyday like it is my last. This does not  mean that i go around doing stupid stuff everyday. It means that I go around with my head up, smile, and don't let people get me angry. So why can't eveyone be like that? their is a simple answer to that question. It is because we are all individuals and we can not all be the same if everyone was the same it would be boring. Some people think that life is great when all you do is sit around and play video games others think that life is great when you mess with others so there is no TRUE answer to the questions "what is the meaning of like". Comment what you think the meaning of life is!


03/04/2013 2:03pm

I agree with you. I do think everyone should live each day to the fullest. That doesn't to be all YOLO and do dumb crap, but like you said to just smile and live your life. No one should care what others think because in the end it doesn't even really matter.

03/05/2013 8:21pm

yeah! like being unhappy isn't fun. and hating someone for the rest of your life if bad to. You right about that YOLO stuff to.


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